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Tova Mozard, Cops/Actors

Just another day downtown Los Angeles. Friday night it’s gonna be busy. I´m gonna have lots of calls, emergencies and non-emergencies. But yeah, just another night downtown Los Angeles with the LAPD, let’s do this.
–Cops Are Actors, 2017, video, 17 min

Cecilia Hillström Gallery is pleased to present Tova Mozard’s second solo show at the gallery, Cops/Actors. The exhibition consists of a series of photographs and a video work, all including scenes of men in police uniforms doing their work, struggling both with the performance and the surrounding environment. The backdrop for the stage, the American mountainous landscape, offers a strange setting for the LAPD, Los Angeles Police Department. Stumbling around in a deserted park, the policemen seem lost and abandoned to nature.

Repetitively performed against a background of the city of dreams, the familiar one-liners closely associated with movies and TV-series gradually lose their content. Here, the concept of law and order seems unstable and not completely trustworthy. Are the protagonists policemen or actors? Are we witnessing a charade or true action – or both? In Cops/Actors, Tova Mozard explores preconceptions of traditional authorities, allowing the narrative to alternate between fiction and reality. With a characteristic combination of empathy and a sharp eye for details, Mozard pinpoints issues related to identity and role-play.

Tova Mozard (b 1978) holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy and has also studied photography at University of California, Los Angeles. Solo exhibitions include Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg, and Botkyrka konsthall, Stockholm. In addition, Mozard has exhibited at Scandinavia House, New York, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Norrköpings Art Museum, Malmö Art Museum, Artipelag, Stockholm, and Passagen Linköpings Konsthall. Her work is included in several public and private collections, e.g. Moderna Museet, Malmö Art Museum, Public Art Agency Sweden, Swedish Association for Art (SAK), Norrköpings Art Museum, Bonnier AB and Stockholm Art Council.

Mozard has participated in numerous screenings and film festivals, e.g. Gothenburg Film Festival (Repertoire, 2014), Borås Art Museum and Brussels Film Festival (2011), and Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival (2007, 2006). Her video The Big Scene (2012) is included in the collection at Moderna Museet, and was nominated for The Guldbagge Award in the documentary film category in 2012.



Join us for a curated evening of video art and short films that blend humor, pastiche and vulnerability to deliver ambidextrous performances of womanhood. Chockfull of fierce, witty and cathartic enactments, the selected artists direct, and in some instances, perform amplified states of identity as cis, trans or queer women.
Curated by Artist Julie Weitz.

Image in invite from Tova Mozard's film The Big Scene 2012.



Small solo exhibition in relation to becoming part of their art collection.



Secondhand Daylight, som är den femte i en rad utställningar med delvis samma konstnärer under den gemensamma rubriken Kosmisk kastrering. Ett 50-tal konstnärer medverkar, inräknat de tre curatorerna Joakim Forsgren, Christer Cythraéus och Mikael Goralski.
Visades först på Kummelholmen i stockholmsförorten Vårberg och sedan som en variant av densamma på Göteborgsbiennalen, Fiskhamnsgatan 41 Göteborg.


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Queen Kristina! 7 oktober 2017 – 21 januari 2018

Mamma Andersson • Ann-Sofie Back & Robert Rydberg
Ernst Billgren • Charlotte Birnbaum • Helen Broms Sandberg
Malinda Damgaard • Karl Dunér • Leif Elggren
Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans • Knut Knutsson
Klara Kristalova • Jonas Liveröd • Tova Mozard
Ylva Ogland • Dan Perrin • Andrea Reschia
Lars Sjöberg • Rolf Stålberg • Per B Sundberg
Pia Wallén • Sven-Olov Wallenstein • Cecilia Ömalm

Kristinehamns kommun firar 2017 att det är 375 år sedan Bro fick sina stadsrättigheter av Drottning Kristina och tog namnet Kristinehamn till drottningens ära. Det firar vi på museet med att göra Kristinehamns första utställning om och med Drottning Kristina. 1642 gav den kontroversielle drottningen staden sitt namn och rättigheter. Under sitt dramatiska liv hann hon både abdikera som drottning, konvertera från protestant till katolik, flytta till Rom, sätta en påve på tronen och bli tidens mest omtalade celebritet.
Vi är mycket glada att i utställningen kunna presentera ett stort antal kända samtida konstnärer, modedesigners, formgivare och kulturpersonligheter som på olika sätt fritt kommenterar, gestaltar, fantiserar, filosoferar och experimenterar om och kring den sägenomspunna drottningen.

Clip from Swedish Television

A one-night only exhibition/party with TOVA MOZARD. Part of the Evening Standard Series at Platform Stockholm in association with the MARKET ART FAIR 2017.


Vienna Contemporary 22-25 September

Vienna Contemporary 22-25 September

Frågeformulär Konsten


La ONG Buenos Aires (Argentina) –in collaboration with The New School (USA) and the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela)– celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Roland Barthes with a web project aiming to reflect on one of the most peculiar texts of the French author, A Lover's Discourse: Fragments (1980).

Barthes, mon amour will be the name of the website. It intends to include works of artists from around the world, all of them related in some way with the desire and other variables of the dynamics of love: a small tribute to a beloved thinker without any profit in mind.

Barthes, mon amour will involve a total of 80 proposals of various disciplines, each one related with the 80 fragments that make up the book. Through these, the users of the website will be able to move and build their own itinerary of the affections and desires of the invited artists. Also, the project aims to articulate a network for dialogue between the creators.
We would like that your video, Wall of Love, could become part of the selection of proposals. We think that your work sensitively addresses some of the ideas that interested RB 35 years ago, and interests us today.

Juan Peraza Guerrero
La ONG Buenos Aires

SWEDISH ART: NOW! 20 apr—6 jun 2016

Swedish Art: Now! är den hittills mest kompletta utställningen som vill samla, presentera och lyfta en ny generation konstnärer verksamma inom en svensk kontext.

Utställningen, som inleder Stockholm Art Week 2016 har som ambition att presentera de mest relevanta konstnärskap som etablerats de senaste fem åren.

Initiativtagare är Michael Elmenbeck (co-curator ”Svenskt Mode: 2000-2015”, grundare kulturmagasinet BON samt utställningsansvarig galleriet/art space C F HILL i Stockholm). Curator är Oscar Carlson (konstnärlig ledare för galleriet Issues, skribent och konstnär samt ena halvan av konstpodden Danielsson & Carlson).

– Swedish Art: Now! vill föra fram, visualisera och förtydliga vad, vem och vilka som utgör den svenska samtida konstscenen. Men även ställa frågan hur den svenska samtidskonsten förhåller sig till kreativa uttryck som design, mode, teknologi och mat. Finns det ett svenskt konst-under? Vilken är deras plattform? säger Michael Elmenbeck.

– Konstnärerna vi får möta på Sven-Harrys konstmuseum kan vara födda i Sverige men ha sin verksamhet internationellt, eller ha ett annat ursprung men arbeta lokalt. Tillsammans skapar de en globaliserad svensk konstscen där de tendenser vi ser på den internationella konstscenen är väl representerade , säger gästcurator Oscar Carlson.

SWEDISH ART: NOW! 20 apr—6 jun 2016

TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS - Nine films about being vulnerable a screening at Anthology Film Archives Oct. 14

Try a Little Tenderness presents a selection of old and new works in 16mm film and video about being vulnerable – exposed and unsafe. Susceptible, yet ready. The program was inspired by a heated online debate on Frameworks – the notable international forum on experimental film – about the avant garde film canon – it’s boundaries and policing, it’s very definition. Try a Little Tenderness does not posit itself as the (or even an) alternative catalogue or hierarchy of works. Rather, the program is a personal and collective response to the ontology of artistic canons in and of themselves. It deliberately presents a selection of works that cross and expose the boundaries by including Net Art, music video, performance-documentation and video art alongside more traditional approaches to experimental cinema. These nine works address, in very different ways and formats, acts of being naked to the world – the human body in search of love, food, adventure or acceptance; the human challenge to “acceptable” conduct based on race and gender stereotypes. Try It – Try a Little Tenderness.

About the programmer:
Born in Brooklyn in 1968, Sasha Waters Freyer makes non-fiction films about outsiders, misfits and everyday radicals. Trained in photography and the documentary tradition, she fuses original and found footage in 16mm film and video. Most recently, she has crafted lyrical explorations of motherhood, documentaries on the New York her youth, and essay films on the cultural and political legacies of the late 20th century. Her new works-in-progress include a feature documentary on American photographer Garry Winogrand; a sing-along film installation on the year 1989, and a mobile art exhibition project at She is the Chair of the Department of Photography & Film at Virginia Commonwealth University.


Tova Mozard The Comedy Store and Other Stories, photography and video, March-April 2015, Cecilia Hillstrom Gallery, Stockholm

The ten minutes’ video consists of an enacted interview/portrait (no questions are heard, Mozard’s presence is only reflected in the comedian’s address, in his questions to hear regarding the organization and structuring of her film, and of her framing his reflection on what it means to prepare for a stand up comedy show, to prepare for the scene and for the encounter with the audience. Static takes and back stage scenes from The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, from its empty proscenium as the man sits at one of the black tables preparing for a possible show, and – at three occasions during the looped video – 3 related but different tableau-like framings of the comedian in the park, at the feet and in the dramatic shadow of enormous trees and close to a dried pond or shallow (“sänka”) in the ground. Even the park scenes transform into a symbolic stage where the solitude and implied weariness of the man points at more general existential implications of the scene – far from popular culture and the Hollywood reference per se.

Similar to Mozard’s earlier portraits from LA (Leona Babette, for example), to her framing of recollection in Repertoire, or the enacted memory work in The Big Scene, this video explores a playful aesthetic where the constructed nature of any performance, the artifice of the scene, and the elaborate mise-en-scène at hand seem to provide the material to a gradual peeling down of controlled gestures and masks, in order to hint at actual life stories and an emotional authenticity which seem to be as much about us, the gallery audience, as about the author-subject relation so pronounced in Mozard’s work. The photographs, such as the perfectly ambivalent “Main Stage” with its stark contrast between the promises of the legendary scene and its logo “The Comedy Store” and the tragic feel of the empty theater are clearly meant to be experienced in dialog with the extension of the site (the symbolical bridging of The Comedy Store and the gallery space) provided by the video.
The 10 minutes’ portrait of an aging, anonymous comedian and local artist brings voice, duration and gestures into the imagined site and perfect surface of Mozard’s images. The scene as a metaphor of real-time performance, directed gestures, and dramatic characters (whose expressions are reinforced by costumes and masks) become further pronounced by The Comedy Store and the subject of stand up comedy. The portrait seems to result from the hesitation, interruptions and chance-elements of the filming process, rather than from any perfected monolog realized in approximate real-time. This is how vulnerability and the human gesture crystallize as the moving themes of an enacted narrative. At several occasions, the subject stops in the middle of a sentence or movement, to look out of frame and asking Mozard whether she wants to have a new take, or to do the scene differently. The comedian’s description of how “he relies on routine”, how this routine is perfected by the professional, his note on finding the empty theater reassuring, add to the paradoxes that Mozard draws our attention to: the contradiction between the said and the shown, speech and the pained expression one may imagine beyond the proverbial mask of the clown, in this case the Elvis hair style, the eyebrows and the moustache died black, and the make up applied to hide the traces of time still evident in his face, between the superficial happiness implied in the momentary laughs of the stand-up show, and the unfulfilled dreams, agony and hardships that characterize life off the main stage.


In Beteween, Grupputställning på Linköpings Konsthall passagen 15/8-27/9

In Beteween, Grupputställning på Linköpings Konsthall passagen 15/8-27/9

Fotografi på omslaget av Vasas flora och faunas skiva ”Släkt med Lotta Svärd” med formgivning av Bedow.
Lotta Svärd är en gestalt i "Fänrik Ståls sägner" och redan där har de flesta svenskar tappat sammanhanget, men i det finlandssvenska Österbotten är Runebergs epos en lika självklar referens som svenska Refusedsångaren Dennis Lyxzén eller finska kultrockarna Leevi & the Leavings. Iiris Viljanen och Mattias Björkas sjunger om allihop i duon med det omöjliga namnet Vasas flora och fauna, understödda av svenskar som Karl-Jonas Winqvist, Emma Nordenstam och Andreas Werliin; stillsamt vardagsrealistisk pianopop full av melodisk värme, underskruvad humor och bultande vemod. Det är så fint och eget som ett The Beatiful South på Vasadialekt, där i synnerhet Iiris Viljanens röst har förmågan att ladda varje vardaglighet med en rent obegriplig pregnans.

Fotografi på omslaget av Vasas flora och faunas skiva ”Släkt med Lotta Svärd” med formgivning av Bedow.

THE COMEDY STORE AND OTHER STORIES: At Cecilia Hillström Gallery Hälsingegatan 43 | Stockholm M: +46 (0)707 646568 Öppettider: Ons-Fre 12-18, Lör 12-16
Tova Mozard - The Comedy Store and Other Stories
I Tova Mozard senaste bilder som är tagna på en berömd stand-up klubb i Los Angeles, framstår denna plats som en uråldrig spökaktig komedifabrik, en plats som befinner sig i en underlig zon av både dåtid och nutid, en evig dröm om humor, skrattet som en slags förlösande, livsviktig mänsklig kraft.
Bilder och neon skyltar med namn av döda och levande komiker, som om de vore hundratals skrattande men sorgliga gudar som satt på väggarna, vissa fullständigt bortglömda, vissa upphöjda och reducerade till bilder och karikatyrer. Som en gravkammare där en slags något ihålig och desperat åkallan bedrivs till humorgudarna och till humorn som tröst.
Men i frånvaron av själva humorn synliggör bilderna snarare hur humor, stand-up traditionen delvis bygger på en överenskommelse: Människa och plats i en enda förenad gest. Hur inramningen, attributen uppmanar oss till något vi tycker oss behöva. En stor svart låda placerad under solen, en institution dit människor går för att upprätthålla och imitera ett beteende; skratt-maskineriet.

I videon "Entrance" möter vi en komiker som i olika scener förbereder sig för att berätta och visa hur det är att vara komiker. Hans försök att framträda i rollen som komiker och representera sig själv samtidigt havererar gång på gång, och i detta glapp uppstår någonting annat. En bild av en människa som både maskerad och demaskerad. Hur en annan ytterligare person också framträder i detta mellanläge. ( “Je est ugn autre" I is another - Rimbaud)
Som i de flesta av Tova Mozards arbeten med film blir den performativa akten tydlig, hur vi iklär oss olika identiteter som vi sedan framträder med - men också inte fullt ut lyckas med att framträda med, och hur det i detta försök uppstår en intimitet och en förståelse för varandra.
Konstnärens otydliga och dolda regi kan också ses som ett slags haveri men som blir ett förhållningssätt och en metod. Hur hennes intresse snarare blir att fånga det som sker mellan Av och PÅ. Det som utgör grunden för detta undersökande är relationen mellan regissör, kamera och aktör, hur kameran framträder som en ytterligare aktör “ Den som skapar situationen och närvaron.
Tova Mozards arbete som konstnär handlar på ett plan om ett sökande efter gemenskap och en existens utanför - och mellan - de roller vi framträder med.

SHOWTIME – group show of video art
Showtime features films by Mihai Grecu (FR/RO), Ericka Beckman (USA), Keren Cytter (IL), Tova Mozard (SWE), Matei Bejenaru (RO), Mircea Nicolae (RO), Jim Finn (USA), Natalia LL (PO), Kirsten Stoltmann (USA), and Dor Guez (IL).

Location: ABContemporary, Breitensteinstr. 45, Zurich
Date: August 22-September 30, 2014

The exhibition will take the form of a cinema within the gallery, and each artist’s video will be featured in one of three categories: Poetics of Resistance, Personal Confessions, and Broken Utopias.

Each of these three themes will play at certain listed times, thus offering the visitors the possibility to engage with the work in a more dedicated fashion.

tommy hilding, susanne johansson, tova mozard & per b sundberg Minnena ser oss, Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland 5.7—27.7 2014
We are pleased to present this summer’s exhibition at Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland. The converted 19th century barn on the north-eastern Gotland serves as Galleri Magnus Karlsson’s project space in summer and it is now the fourth year we operate there during July. This year’s exhibition, Memories Look at us, presents new works by Tommy Hilding, Susanne Johansson, Tova Mozard and Per B Sundberg.

The exhibition title, which is partially stolen from a poem by Tomas Tranströmer, gives associations to time and memory. Through painting, sculpture and photography the artists explore how chronology may be warped and how the boundary between private and public could be dissolved. It is obvious that we live with our memories present, but that the memories watches us raises some concerns. Is there a collective memory and conscience that examines us? That judges our actions and thoughts based on experiences from history. Or is it about memories in a more private context that haunt us and watch every step we take?

Memories Look at Me

A June morning, too soon to wake,
too late to fall asleep again.

I must go out—the greenery is dense
with memories, they follow me with their gaze.

They can’t be seen, they merge completely into
the background, true chameleons.

They are so close that I can hear them breathe
though the birdsong is deafening

(From ”Det vilda torget” by Tomas Tranströmer. Albert Bonnier Publishing, 1983
Translated from Swedish by Robin Fulton in the collection “The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems.” New Directions Publishing, 2006)

Opening Reception on Saturday July 5, 12–4 pm
Open daily 2–6 pm
Art, kiosk, coffee and ice cream.
Telephone +46 (0)708 10 69 06

Link to map

tommy hilding, susanne johansson, tova mozard & per b sundberg Minnena ser oss, Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland 5.7—27.7 2014

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Loop Barcelona 2014


Group Exhibition at Artipelag, 7th of February to the 11th of March 2014

Artipelag genomför en omfattande fotoutställning med förhandsvisning den 6 februari 2014. Curatorer är Jessica Höglund, Magnus Jensner och Niclas Östlind. Titeln är Det synliga: samtida svensk fotografi.

Utställningen innehåller arbeten från de senaste fem åren av 21 svenska fotografer. Syftet med urvalet är att presentera en specifik tolkning av var den gestaltande fotografin befinner sig idag. Utgångspunkten för utställningen är den historiska brytpunkt som sker på 1990-talet med en större medvetenhet om fotografins teoretiska förutsättningar. Det finns en tydlig agenda med valet av medverkande. När svensk fotografi beskrivs tar berättelsen ofta utgångspunkt i Christer Strömholm, vilket innebär att vissa förhållningssätt och praktiker framträder starkare än andra. Här förs istället samtiden tillbaka till Tuija Lindström och det inflytande hon hade både i egenskap av fotograf och professor på Fotohögskolan. Med en bildvärld där frågor om kön, genus och sexualitet tidigt gestaltades med en feministiskt färgad blick har hon haft en avgörande roll för det fotografiska fältets omorientering.

Hos de medverkande finns en stark tilltro till det visuella som ett sätt att både undersöka tillvaron och gestalta erfarenheter och upplevelser. Fotografins dokumentära kraft kombineras med fiktionens möjligheter att skapa berättelser som både blottlägger och ger fritt spelrum åt fantasin. Verken i utställningen gör världen synlig, men de bidrar också till att visa fram hur verkligheten både skapas och döljs av bilder.

Medverkande är Marie Andersson, Lotta Antonsson, Stina Brockman, Miriam Bäckström, Trinidad Carillo, Aida Chehrehgosha, Dawid, Catharina Gotby, Denise Grünstein, Annika von Hausswolff, Maria Hedlund, Linda Hofvander, Annica Karlsson Rixon, Jenny Källman, Tuija Lindström, Maria Miesenberger, Tova Mozard, Julia Peirone, Eva Stenram, Anna Strand och Pernilla Zetterman.

Group Exhibition at Artipelag, 7th of February to the 11th of March 2014

Contemporary Nordic Photography, Scandinavian House, New York, February 22-April 26, 2014.

An exhibition of contemporary Nordic photography organized by The Museum of Photographic Art, Denmark; The Finnish Museum of Photography; Reykjavík Museum of Photography; Preus Museum, Norway; Moderna Museet, Sweden, and presented by The American-Scandinavian Foundation. The exhibition will feature the work of ten emerging and established contemporary photographers, two from each country: Joakim Eskildsen and Katya Sander, Denmark; Ulla Jokisalo and Nelli Palomäki, Finland; Bára Kristinsdóttir and Pétur Thomsen, Iceland; Thora Dolven Balke and Tonje Bøe Birkeland, Norway; and JH Engström and Tova Mozard, Sweden.

MALMÖ ART MUSEUM@MALMÖ KONSTHALL A selection from the City of Malmö’s art collections 7.12 2013 – 16.3 2014

The exhibition presents works from the 1960s up until today and has three main themes: a changing world, rituals of everyday life and language and communication. While the art collections were being built up the map of Europe was being redrawn. The Berlin Wall fell and people were forced to re-evaluate the official version of history and encounter a changing world. The political tensions during and after the division into East and West blocs were depicted by many artists. A changing world leads to a changing daily life. A number of works focus on the rituals of everyday life – ones that people become accustomed to, inherit and sometimes resist. New rituals arise when the world and people’s living conditions change. How we process information is also constantly changing. The exhibition presents a number of works by artists who have explored the significance of language and our diverse ways of communicating.

Participating artists
Miroslaw Balka, Barton Lidicé Beneš, Joseph Beuys, Miriam Bäckström, Cecilie Dahl, Erik Dietman, Nathalie Djurberg, Ditte Ejlerskov, Marie-Louise Ekman, Andreas Eriksson, Elis Eriksson, Öyvind Fahlström, Gilbert & George, Felix Gmelin, Nan Goldin, Antony Gormley, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Jens Haaning, Annika von Hausswolff, Ane Hjort Guttu, Leif Holmstrand, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Annica Karlsson-Rixon, Mike Kelley, Edward och Nancy Kienholz, Joseph Kosuth, Barbara Kruger, Via Lewandowsky, Axel Lieber, Ann Lislegaard, Richard Long, Kristina Matousch, Tova Mozard, Sirous Namazi, Claes Oldenburg, Jón Óskar, Ola Pehrson, Arnulf Rainer, Robert Rauschenberg, Ride1, Viktor Rosdahl, Andres Serrano, Cindy Sherman, Ann-Sofi Sidén, Vassil Simittchiev, Tove Storch, Johan Thurfjell, Rosemarie Trockel, August Walla, Andy Warhol, Dan Wolgers, Bill Woodrow and others.


The nomination is for the exhibition The Eve of the Real at Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
The Prize aims to reward a living photographer who has made the most significant contribution to the medium of photography in Europe over the past year.
The judging will take place in November.

Tova Mozard is invited to participate in DOX:LAB 2014
DOX:LAB is a unique, commissioned cross-cultural program for selected filmmakers from European and from non European countries, organized annually by the CPH:DOX International Film Festival since 2009.The program is focused on training, project development and subsequent pitching events at international co-production markets, with further aim of establishing international network and long term professional relationships. At the core of the project lies an actual match and subsequent meeting of a European and a non European filmmaker. The filmmakers are in pairs of two invited to develop and produce a film with a development grant raised by CPH:DOX in co-operation with national film institutes.

Sequences VI
Tova Mozard's film 'The Big Scene' will be screened during this year's Sequences real time art festival in Reykjavik, Iceland. The festival is held during the 5th-14th of April. For more information follow the link to Sequences' site above.


'The Big Scene' is to be shown at the 14th Videonale in Bonn, one of the oldest and most renowned festivals for video art in Europe. The film is part of the screening 'To Be Real - performance and performativity', and will take place at the Kunstmuseum Bonn (Museum of Arts, Bonn) on the 27th of March at 7 p.m.

For more information, see Videonale's site above.

Swedish Association for Art (Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening, SAK), in association with Bokförlaget Arena, is releasing the book Ghost Light on the 9th of March this year. Ghost Light contains a vast amount of Tova Mozard's artwork, as well as an essay by art critic Jörg Heiser and a conversation between Tova Mozard and swedish playwright and director Suzanne Osten.


From 9 March through 26 May 2013, Kulturhuset presents Tova Mozard’s first major exhibition in Stockholm. 
In Gallery 5, a large number of photographs and films are exhibited, including several newly produced works.

Front opening Saturday 9 March at 1 p.m. Free admission.

Gl Holtegaard
18 January - 17 March 2013, Gl Holtegaard presents Tova Mozard's highly praised film ‘The big scene’. Click the link to Gl Holtegaard's website above more info.