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The Living And The Dead

Duration: 13 min.
Format: Video
Year: 2007

The video consists of four documentary portraits presented as interviews, where the subjects speak about dead people who in one way or another have a big influence on their lives. These people are the following; A medium who is speaking about his contact with the other side, my grandmother who is talking about the grief she feels relating to her first husbands suicide, a friend who is talking about what Elvis has meant to him, and an artist colleague talking about Christer Pettersson who was convicted of the murder of the Swedish Priminister, Olof Palme, but then released. The observer is presented with very personal memories of the deceased. It is private, open and dreamy, and what emerges is that the truth of the individual and the truth of reality are not always reconciled. The video serves as a clue for finding humanity a victim of itself.